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Company organized and carried out tourism activities
Auteur:  Source: http://fr.bdjd.com.cn/tpxw/n384.html   Date:2014-05-26

May 21th, our company organized tourism activities to Beijing Gushanzhai and Fairy habitat hole, for enriching workers spare time life, remitting working pressure, and arousing the enthusiasm for work. We have obtained an opportunity to relax ourselves. Company leader indeed paid much attention to this activity, for arranging the route, time arrangement and people placement, all os those have made a detailed project.

All the way, every laughing, could not restrain excited mood, and pressing the camera shutter again to record the excited moment. All the way, every work in unity and help one another, close to the employees' relationship, deepen the friendship, build the atmosphere of unity, enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force, reflects the people-oriented concept. The tourist activities enables employees to develop the vision, edify sentiment, enhance the sense of honor as a company employees.